Lead Generation

What is the key to generating quality lead Generation?


Lead generation services can be defined as the matter of strategy to pull the target audience to the company rather than finding different ways to approach them along with some effort for formal reach. The interest of the target audience can be determined by much appropriate time to time experiments which help in generating the lead for an organization or company. We do vital monitoring of the mass crowd to point out the trends and their priorities. As a lead generation agency, we also change the trend sometimes in order to cope up with the changes and grow stronger. The online lead generation method often uses the digital platform to analyze the effectiveness of their tactics and compare the performance of rivals to tackle better.
We are here to help you maintain the revenue of the organization or company. Our productive analyzers efficiently work to manage a good relation with permanent customers. This will help you a lot in the competitive field to give a tough fight to the rivalry teams for more development and growth in Kolkata.

Proven Lead Generation Strategy


Lead generation isn’t rocket science, but it is an artform. At DiTech Squad we’ve become the Van Gogh of driving quality leads to businesses like yours! It comes down to having a tried and tested strategy that works and molds to fit your business goals. Let’s talk about how we can start driving 100’s of leads to your business in less than 30 days!

The DiTech Squad Lead Gen Process



  • We start by building a strategy around what methods and channels your potential clients use to find products and services like yours. Whether that’s with search or social, we create a plan that’s guaranteed to produce results. 
  • Once we find interested audiences online we make sure to qualify them by asking the right questions BEFORE you ever need to set a call or appointment— saving you tons of time and money! 
  • Finally, we help you fine tune your outreach and follow up process by implementing systems that strategically communicate with HOT leads to ensure the deal comes through. 
  • Our quality of process and dedication to learning makes us the strongest lead generation service in Kolkata.

The Pain Points

Is your marketing team striving to get qualified leads due to lack of budget and systematic process? Are you experiencing any of these issues?
  • Unsystematic prospect follow-ups
  • Outdated technology
  • Faulty lead-generation process
  • Lack of value proposition that resonates with your customers

    The Solutions

    Here are some of the solutions that we provide to our clients to help them get qualified leads.
    • A structured pipeline that will directs and encourages potential customers
    • Powerful CRM software
    • Quality landing pages
    • Content offerings that provide value

        Result-Proven PPC Strategies

        Sales Funnel Improvement

        We’ll carefully review your sales funnel and assess whether you are missing integral strategies that lead to conversion.

        Inbound Marketing

        Strengthen your customer engagement by providing valuable content that provides information your connections are looking for.

        Customer Retention Strategies

        We’ll execute different strategies to ensure that you will be trusted by your existing customers and encourage them to repurchase your products or services.

        Database Mining

        We’ll gather the necessary data of your potential customers and turn them to useful information to implement lead nurturing and scoring strategies.

        Email Campaign

        Deliver targeted messages through email marketing for your cold and warm leads.


        Chat Support

        A live chat support provides immediate assistance and information that leads to enhanced customer experience and satisfaction.

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